Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can you respond to a brief?

We understand the importance of responding quickly to a brief, we can usually respond to most briefs in one to two days, sometimes we can respond the same day! Let us know if your deadline is tight when you call us and we will fast track your enquiry.

Can you find us a location for our event?

Yes, of course…tell us what you are looking for and the location and we will suggest suitable venues for your event.

Can you supply a presenter for our event ?

Yes we have some very experienced comperes and presenters, so whether you are looking for a presenter to link your conference or event, a master of ceremonies or perhaps a compere to hosts a bespoke game show for your event, give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will match the presenter to your event.

Will I have a dedicated Account Manager?

Yes, you will be assigned an account manager who will discuss your requirements with you and guide you through your options and if you need inspiration, we’ll provide it!


What type of artists do you supply?

We supply a wide range of artists and acts including famous comedians, famous bands, TV personalities, circuit comedians, celebrity DJ’s, party DJ’s, party bands, look-a-likes, aerial acts, circus performers, tribute acts, classical musicians, game show hosts, master of ceremonies, comperes, vocalists, children’s entertainers, punch and judy artists…the list is endless, call us if whatever you are looking for is not on this short list.

How do I book an act?

Just give us a call to discuss what you are looking for and we will make recommendations and send you video footage of the performer/s. When you confirm which performers you require for your event, we ask you to send us a purchase order. We then confirm the performer and send you an invoice for 50% of the balance. The final invoice is sent to you the day after the event.

Where do your artists perform?

We book artists to perform at corporate events, family fun days, country mansions, hotels, private parties, universities, festivals in the UK and around the world.

Are you taking on new artists at the moment?

We are always on the lookout for first class professional acts and artists. Check out what you will need to send us on our Contact page.

Are you a member of the Agents Association?

Yes, as a recognized agent we are proud to be a member of the Agents Association.


Do you write bespoke game shows?

Yes! Tell us what you’re after and we will write a game show to meet your criteria.

What if I don’t know what I want but I want something a little out of the ordinary?

Out of the ordinary is what we love doing! We will work with you to ascertain your criteria and propose some exciting options.


Can you provide bespoke training specifically for our business?

Yes! All our training programmes are tailored to each company’s requirements.

How do you produce a bespoke training programme?

We would take a detailed brief from you and produce a training programme to meet your brief. We would talk you through each step of the training to ensure the seminar is tailored to your exact requirements.


We are planning our conference for next year, is it too early to engage you to plan our conference?

The planning for many conferences is often started a year before, although we can respond to your brief with a shorter lead time.

Our budget is tight; can you still help produce our conference?

We understand that many companies’ purse strings are tighter in today’s economic climate. Our strength is to work with you to maximize your budget spend and to produce a cost-effective conference for your company.

We do not have an internal conference department; can you produce our conference requirements?

Yes, of course. Many companies find it cost-effective to engage a conference organizing company to deliver their conference. We usually take the brief and agree timescales with you for key stages of the planning, updating you regularly leading up to the conference. We work with you to ensure every detail is how you envisage whilst minimizing the impact on your day to day business.

We would like some creative input to impart our messages in an innovative and highly effective way…is this something you could do?

This is what we love doing! Dreaming up ideas which communicate your message to your people in a way that they will enjoy, whilst ensuring your core messages are absorbed!


How much will a Guerilla marketing stunt cost?

The media grabbing stunts we have devised to date have all being bespoke and specific to a clients brief.

Once we start talking and understanding your brief we will be able to give you a ball-park figure. Sometimes our clients purely want ideas, and other briefs we have undertaken we have produced and executed the stunt.

We don’t charge large agency fees, (although our ideas are big!) so give us a call and let us dream up a stunt specifically to fit your brief.

Can you guarantee media coverage?

Media coverage can never be guaranteed, however we can work with you devise a stunt that will generate media interest…it’s all in the planning…targeting a great location, dreaming up a suitable stunt to fit your brief and …timing.

Will our stunt be unique?

To gain the maximum impact each idea has to be unique, all we need to get the ideas in front of you is a brief from you telling us what you want to achieve. We’ll come up with a selection of ideas to present to you and work with you to produce an exciting stunt, unique for your company.

How quickly can you respond to a brief?

We understand the importance of responding quickly to your brief, when we first talk and understand the scope of your brief we will give you an indication of how quickly we can come back to you with exciting ideas.

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